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more fun with cardboard

Friday, July 23, 2010
Naomi plays with her Barbies everyday.
Micah usually plays with her...
it's so cute to watch them play Barbies together,
until Micah starts hitting Barbies over the head with other Barbies
(he's just trying to make it manly, right?)

Naomi has been talking about a house for her Barbies for some time.
But I'm not about to go out and buy a Barbie house
(no funds and no room for something so big).
So, I decided to make her a little Barbie house out of some old cereal boxes.
She LOVES it.

All the Barbies come over and sit in the house,
and I mean ALL of them.
She loves to have them ring the doorbell,
and look out the window to see who's coming.
For a free Barbie house it sure is loved!

They even have hard wood floors
(I'm so jealous!)

My SIL, Catherine, told me about this awesome website the other day.
I spent a long time looking around...and you will to.
I can't believe I didn't find this site sooner!

Catherine was telling me about the paper city
(which I can't wait to do, ahem, for my kids).
I also fell in love with the cardboard aquarium and fish.
After getting that box of goodies from MomSelect,
I knew I had the perfect box for our new aquarium!
Check it out...

portable, the fish move and it's fun to look at!

Catherine Piepenbrink said...

So cute, Jamie! This got me thinking about the "cars" I made for my Barbies back in the day using adult shoes! It was so fun to "drive" them all over the floor in their cool convertibles. Lily hasn't gotten into Barbies yet...but then again, I'm not sure she's ever even seen a Barbie! She's all about her babies right now, although we only have Baby Shirley (from Grammy, of course) and Neal, the vintage Cabbage Patch kid that I'm sure you remember. :)

Dana said...

Jamie, Holly and I used to make Barbie houses out of boxes - cut off the flaps and turn them on their side. Then we would use fabric for wall paper & carpet. We would make furniture out of the cardboard box flaps and then use more fabric scraps for apholstry. Do not go out and buy a house - much better memories are made from being creative and making your own stuff.

Our Family for His Glory said...

What great ideas!! My girls are always wanting to make houses for their dolls too :)
What a sweet family you have! (Stopping by from NFF)

Cranberry Morning said...

What a great thing to do with your kids! Too many kids don't even know *how* to play anymore, have no imagination, and can only veg out while watching DVDs. So sad!! This is so good for your kids' brains!

Our sons used dolls as trucks and zoomed them across the floor. :-)

Anonymous said...
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