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guest post - Steph - makin' lemonade

Saturday, July 10, 2010
If you haven't met Steph yet, now is the time.
She has an amazing blog full of awesome ideas,
tutorials, link parties, you name it!
Make sure to check out her blog after
you read about her Random Act of Kindness!!


My most recent random act of kindness that comes to mind actually came about from my 7 year old son, Ethan.

Last month, Ethan came home from school begging to do a lemonade stand. I knew he wanted to earn money for a trip to the toy store, but I only agreed to help him if he raised money for a greater purpose. I took the time to explain to him about charity work and how his lemonade stand could be used for good. We talked a bit about my mom- she was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago and continues to fight this devastating disease. It didn't take much convincing before Ethan was not only on board, but excited to raise money for the Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis, a charity focused not only on treatments for MS, but mostly on finding a cure for this disease.

One Saturday morning, we baked some cookies, made a sign and headed out the door with 2 pitchers full of lemonade. The whole family came along for the experience, and in just 30 minutes, we had sold all the cookies and lemonade and had made over $30!

Since that day, Ethan and I were bit by the Charity Bug and have raised $232 more dollars to donate to The Accelerated Cure Project. It took me 20 years to jump on board and help my mom in this fight, but thanks to my 7 year old's enthusiasm, I am now fully committed.

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