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diaper cake and feet card for a shower

Saturday, July 10, 2010
Heading to a baby shower today!
A friend from seminary (who lives in Houston)
is having a shower thrown for her little man,
at her grandma's house!

I'm so excited to catch up with Natalie again,
and hope she likes the little diaper cake.

I think it may have too many leaves,
not enough flowers,
and I kinda wish the ribbons matched
(but I didn't have the desire to run to walmart)
but I still LOVE it!

That's a dolphin on top...
if you know me well,
you know I LOVE my dolphins!!!

I also LOVE this little card that I came up with last night for her!
I made a pink version too!
It'll be in the store later!

Hope you get a shower today too! ha!

jimandafleming said...

I'm going to a shower in August and I was planning on making a diaper cake...what do you use to keep your diapers rolled?

It's very cute, and I think the ribbons look great!

Unknown said...

Very cute indeed. I have made quite a few cakes for friends and family. They are always a hit :)

katherinemarie said...

She WILL love it!!!

baby gifts said...

If I‘m Nathalie, I will surely like the diaper cake that you’ve made. It’s so adorable. I love the dolphin on top and also the card, both look great. I might have to try those ideas one day soon. Thanks for sharing your talent, truly an inspiration.

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