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Wednesday, July 07, 2010
I know I've said it before...
but I have to say it again.
If you have not jumped on the Groupon bandwagon
you REALLY need to!

Movies for two for $8.
A year membership to the art museum for a FAMILY for $25.
Dry cleaning 53% off.
Seriously people.
These are a great way to save money...
and GREAT for Random Acts of Kindness,
because you can give them to other people!

You can either email the groupon to your friend,
or print it and send it with a cute card!
What a fun and unexpected gift!
It's all about kindness...and randomness!!

So, click on the links in this post to be taken to groupon
select your city and
sign up for the FREE emails!!
Then start buying at a discounted price!
You can't go wrong!
Stephanie M. Page said...

ok, i am going to check. it. out. =)

Dana said...

I get the ones for Louisville - there are alot of good bargains!

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