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freezer paper stencils

Monday, July 13, 2009
I know I've talked about doing freezer paper stencils before but I thought I'd place a little tutorial on here just in case any of you were wondering how its done. I am not the original creator of this idea of freezer paper stencils but I'm not exactly sure who is...I've seen it in multiple places on the web. I made this shirt for my nephew Michael's birthday. He loves baseball so I thought something fun and graphic would be good for a 9 year old. Anyway here you go...

You can google stencils and get lots of outlines but just about any photo will do. I open Word and got a clip art baseball then copied it into Photoshop so I could resize it...I made it really large and printed it out on two pieces of paper.Tape the freezer paper down (shiny side down) and then your stencil on top of that.Use an exacto knife to cut out whatever you want to be painted on your fabric. Follow the care instuction on the bottle of fabric paint (or just wing it like I do) Lay out and iron the area you want to put the stencil on.Iron down the stencil.
Paint with fabric paint. Allow to dry overnight or if you're like me at least two hours!Remove the stencil and there you have it!This is the front of the shirt.This is the back of the shirt.
Kimi said...

um... Jamie... my husband says this is a "flippin' cool shirt" and I think he's coveting one. :)

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