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swimmy swammy samsonite

Thursday, June 25, 2009
We got a pool on Monday. It's not a big pool by any means, but it holds water and the kids love it...Naomi more than Micah. Micah loves to climb in and climb out over and over again. I keeps them entertained and cool. I like it because I am getting lots of felt crafting and book reading done! It's nice now that Micah is walking and a little older, I don't have to "hold his hand" while we play outside anymore! They've been swimming a little bit everyday! Makes for a longer nap for Naomi!!!We had some good friends over for swimming today! Anna and the kids came over and they all seemed to enjoy the company and the cool pool! No one drowned or even got hurt!
How do you get five kids under 3 to look at the camera at the same time?Almost...I guess you don't. Anna, at least your kids look normal in this one!!!!Here's to many more summer days "at the pool."

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