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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Saturday, May 9th, was a fun day. Although I was feeling really icky we still managed to have a blast. In the morning my friend from high school, Sarah, brought her daughters over so I could photograph them. You can see some of their photos here. Olivia and my Naomi had a great time playing together! Then I went over to another friend from high school, Nicki's house. She just had little Griffin 6 days earlier and I was going to take a few newborn shots. What a sweet little guy! You can see two photos from his shoot here. After my photo shoots I drove through Grafton (where Greg and I first lived) and it was so weird to see how much that little town has changed. I met up with Julie and Clif at Target and then we went back to my parents house. The kids were done with their naps and we all got to hang out together. My sister was there watching the kids because my parents had gone to Eureka for my cousins graduation. So, we all decided to go to Uno's for dinner! I didn't really eat anything because I still felt sick but it was nice to go out with my best friend and her husband...and my sister and my kids. We enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation. When we got home we played outside for a while before the kids had to go to bed. My parents got home shortly after we did. What a fun time hanging out with old friends!!! I miss that so much! Wish we lived closer...or that ya'll lived down here :)!

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