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catching up

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
On Friday, May 8th, the kids and I headed out to Waukesha for a photo shoot with Eric, Jen, Asher and Evie. I was so excited to be able to photograph their family. Jen told me that they have not had any professional photographs since their wedding. They are celebrating their 9th Anniversary tomorrow (May 27th). So, this photo shoot was well over due for them. And I'm so glad that I was the one who was able to capture these moments and memories for them! I'm sure I've told you before that Jen and Eric are very dear friends of ours and little Asher is our godson. So anyway, we had a great time walking around the nature center and Naomi and Asher loved running up and down the big hill. You can see some of the shots from their session here. It's always good to spend time with friends. We took the kids to McDonald's for lunch and then I headed back to my parents house for the kids naps.

We went to Grace that evening for their fish fry, where I enjoyed a hot dog and so did Micah. Naomi tried the fish but enjoyed the french fries most of all. The fish fry was a fundraiser for the church's mission trip this summer to China. I just talked to my mom tonight and she said the trip was cancelled because China is not allowing "westerners" to come to the orphanages in China because of Swine Flu. Bummer! So, they will keep raising money to hope to try to go again in the future.After the fish fry Heather and Danika came over. It was SO AWESOME to see Heather and her baby bump and Danika again. Naomi and Danika had a great time picking dandelions and running around together. It was so awesome to watch them play together! Thanks for coming over Heather we had a blast and I'm so glad we got to hang out. I hope we get to see you again soon! We can't wait to meet Aly Sue (sorry if I spelled that wrong).

Naomi and Danika...Danika is one month older than Naomi.
Yee-Haw!Heather and Jamie...Heather is 6 months older than the day!

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