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Wednesday, April 01, 2009
This is just a random post full of photos from the last couple of weeks that I need to catch up on. I don't always have time to post throughout the week so here you go all at once!

We went to the Spurs game on the 24th to support our music director with Susan and Steve. Joe's choir of kids from his day job sang the National Anthem. It was weird to be up so high after having such great seats two times last year. But we had lots of fun! The Spurs only won by one point so it was an interesting game to watch.
Love the signs for the bathrooms!I've been making some Easter decorations!Micah's been feeding himself for a while now. We haven't bought baby food in over a month. Yay for reaching new milestones!
This is what happens when you leave your two year old alone with markers while changing your one year olds diaper.We did a little tissue paper craft project and she loved it. She made three of these "art pieces".Another Easterish decoration. I love this photo of Micah and Jordan! Thanks for coming and helping us celebrate Micah's birthday Jordan! We're so glad you were here.Grandma came on Sunday (after her flight on Friday night got cancelled) so we went to the those blue eyes!we went out for dinner!We baked cookies and frosted them.
LOTS of books have been read.And we planted some vegetables...and got some hail!

Hope you're having a good week too!

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