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Monday, March 30, 2009
Man, am I on a canvas kick or what? wouldn't this make a sweet canvas too?I love it when these two play together. It makes my heart happy. Naomi is coming to appreciate and protect her brother a little more everyday. She is also starting to get more jealous of him at times too. She's starting to say, "just leave him there and come play with me" or something similar if she feels he's getting too much attention. She is also a little mother hen to him sometimes and that's cute too. I think she was too little when he was born to really be "the jealous" older sibling but it's starting to show now. The other day, Greg, asked Naomi if she wanted to have another baby in the house (no, we're not pregnant) and Naomi said point blank "no". We talked about it a little bit and asked her again and she still said no. I think she understands now that if there was another little one her time and attention would be even more limited. We'll see how that changes, if and when we have another child. Anyway, for now, I love watching them interact and seeing them look out for each other is awesome!
Holly said...

It's funny. Yesterday we were asking Andrew if he wanted another brother or a sister. He said no sister, but he said he wanted another Noah. No we're not pregnant either, but it's funny to hear how the kids think.

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