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st. patty's

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. I got pinched today by my dear husband because I wasn't wearing any green. Guess I'll have to go change. We had fun today doing some shamrock crafts. Okay, I had fun and Naomi couldn't sit still. But I learned a new sewing technique so it's all good. I love the internet. Where would I be without it. I've learned so much about sewing and other things because of the internet.

I learned the blanket stitch today and I love it! Watch out world I very well could blanket stitch anything in sight! I found a great tutorial here and it was very thorough and easy to follow. I will be looking back at that site from time to time for other ideas and tutorials. I would love to do little mini pillows with all sorts of shapes and holidays in mind. This little shamrock pillow took me about 20 minutes to do once I figured out how to do the blanket stitch correctly.
I love all the little felt food that I see all over crafty blogs and would love to make some of that too. It can't be too hard. I just need more felt. I've got plenty of floss so I'm good to go on that...just need good quality felt! I also did the blanket stitch on a big ol shamrock that I cut out of cardstock. That may be pushing it but I felt it looks better than a running stitch (is that what you call it?). Okay, I'm off have a great St. Patty's day... go drink some green beer for me!

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