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getting married

Saturday, February 28, 2009
Naomi informed me the other day that she was getting married. She got out her "married dress" and fancy shoes and told me that she is marrying "uncle ciffy". So, like any good photographer would do, I took photos of her in her "married dress". Then I decided to play along a little more and got her some flowers and a wedding ring. She also said that she was going to marry "uncle Jewwe" and "daddy". I asked if daddy knew that she was planning on marrying two other people and she said no. Should make for an interesting wedding! Here are some of the photos from her "wedding day".

The Harvalas said...

Her hair is getting SO light!

kelly said...

I love that you even did the shot of her hand with the ring and the bouquet! So authentic. :)
She's really cute.

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