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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
We had a visitor last week (1-4 thru 1-10). Kate came and stayed with us for a week while she did her internship at the Sunshine Cottage (school for the deaf) here in San Antonio. If Kate looks familiar to you but you can't place her anywhere let me tell you who she is. Kate married Seth who went to Seward with Greg for a bit and then came to the seminary while we were still there. Kate and Seth had me do their engagement photos as well as their wedding! I had so much fun working with them. Seth and Kate took over for us at Hickey college after we got the call to Texas. They have been there for two years and have lots of stories! It was sorta fun reminicing with Kate about those crazy Hickey students. If you want to hear some stories maybe I can come up with a few....but only if you're intereseted.
Anyway, Kate got here while we were still in San Diego and stayed till Saturday. Kate has an early childhood degree so that made it even better! She "gets" Naomi! I think it helped make the transition to life back at home having Kate there....but it made TODAY miserable. Our first day at home all alone (in two weeks)...ahhh!!! Don't worry we survived and are going to get into a routine if it kills me! I just have to figure out what I want that routine to be :). Anyway, back to my story. Kate was here all week but gone during the days.
Then on Friday night we took her downtown to see the Riverwalk since she'd never been to San Antonio before. It was fun to do that with her. There was an arts and crafts fair going on at the time and we got to see some pretty cool stuff....made me want to go home and paint! So, anyway, Thanks Kate, for staying with us for the week and for playing with the kids (which allowed me a little transition time as well) and for the great gifts you left for us! You didn't have to do that...but we appreciate it! These shots were taken with my little point and shoot kodak. Do you notice the difference between using a flash and not using a flash?!

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