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snuggle time

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Some of our favorite moments with the kids are just spent snuggling or laying on the floor and getting climbed on. Most mornings you can find Greg and Naomi snuggling on the couch while she watches cartoons and he gets some much loved snuggle time and more sleep. Micah is not exactly a cuddler but if he's tired enough or in just the right mood he too will snuggle. It's funny to me that one of the ladies in the nursery calls Micah "snuggle bug" because he just doesn't snuggle too much at home. Greg will tell you that Micah takes after me in his "snuggling" or lack there of and Naomi takes after him. Anyway, here are some fun shots of us snuggling with the kiddos!

Mikaela said...

Jamie...did you get your haircut short? I like it if you did!

Jamie said...

nope, it's just tucked behind me in this photo. still long and most of the time up!

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