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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Naomi is all about equality these days...she wants everything that Micah has and wants to do everything that Micah does (except take two naps). If I carry Micah in a funny way she says, "my turn". If I tickle him while he's lying on the floor she lays down too and says, "my turn". And this goes on countless times throughout our days. So this morning we were talking about how Micah was sick and our conversation went a little like this.

J: Micah has a cold
N: I'm cold too
J: (knowing that she's not really cold, I tried to explain to her what a cold was) he has a runny nose and he's coughing a lot
N: I have a cold too, my eye is running, can you kiss it?

Ahh, the innocence of childhood!

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