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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
I had to run to the bank this morning and then I had to get gas. 56 dollars later ($3.75/gallon) I had a full tank of gas...hopefully that will last me two weeks! ha! Then, since we were out I decided to take the kiddos to the library. Luckily Micah was asleep, and Naomi was excited to be around so many books. I picked out six books for her to take home and then we went to the little park at the library and she got to swing and go down the slides a few times. There were lots of bigger kids there must be out for summer! When we got home we read the books a few times and Naomi really seemed to like the ones I picked out. I think we'll be making more trips to the library this summer since she loves books so much. I just hope she doesn't get mad when she realizes that she doesn't get to keep the books but that we're just borrowing them. Oh well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Here are the books I picked out:

I remember reading " There was an old lady" in second grade. Thought it would be fun to read to Naomi too! So we got a book to work on opposites, one to work on colors, one to work on animal noises and then three because they looked like good books!
Dana said...

Any book by Eric Carle is a winner - and I too love that version of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. The cut out windows make for a fun book. You chose well for a 1st trip to the library. :)

Anonymous said...

I filled up today and ended up payign $69, just crazy at $3.88/gallon. Glad Naomi loves the library. I know we always enjoyed it as kids. Mom would let us pick up to 15 books. How she ever kept track of all the books who knows because we went almost every week!! Holly

Dana said...

Jamie - I just filled up my van. It was on E - and I payed $71.16 and put in 18.79 gallons (really was on fumes). I paid $3.84 a gallon. YIKES!

The Harvalas said...

One of the last times we filled up our van the pump stopped at $75! (It was an automatic cut off) I think gas was $3.89 at that pump.

Anna Maschke said...

The station closest to my house sells gas at the bargain price of 4.35. Oh, the joys of California!

I owned that copy of "there was an old lady" and loved it!

And I agree, Eric Carle is always a good choice!

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