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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
After Naomi's long nap I decided to get her pool cleaned out and set up. We had also bought a little four square sprinkler mat with some gift cards at Target and decided to get that out as well. The sprinkler mat was not a huge hit. But I don't think it helped that the water was cold. She sorta just stood there...and her legs were shaking so it was kinda funny to watch.After the sprinkler mat we decided to see how she would like the pool. She went in it a few times last year but I don't think she really remembered that. She got right in but would not sit down, again, I think the water was too cold, she sat like people do in China (and I know that from first hand experience, I'm not stereotyping). Daddy even got in and enjoyed the pool with her. She enjoyed lots of splashing and filling her bucket with water using her shovel.
"Oh no"
This is what I get when I tell her to smile...or say cheese!
Love those curls!
Jon and Lani said...

These are so cute! I laughed out loud about the China comment! So many bad memories in public restrooms! ha ha ha!

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