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big n update

Thursday, May 15, 2008
It's hard to believe that my little girl is almost 20 months old. I'm amazed on a daily basis by how much Naomi has grown and changed. She's not a baby anymore...although we still call her that! It's amazing how much of a little lady...or tomboy she's becoming. She's so grown up. Although she has LOTS of growing up to still do and for that we're grateful.

She has such a fun and goofy personality and makes me laugh out loud every day. She's in the stage of repeating everything you say and do so make sure it's clean when you're around her. Today she just picked up the "choo choo" noise that a train makes and as I type this I can hear her over the monitor as she's in bed saying "choo choo". It's pretty cute. She does her animal noises very well and has started counting altough we can't get her to say three she says "none, two" ALL THE TIME! She's a talker thats for sure, takes after her daddy, she even talks with her hands and knows around 12 signs. She runs really funny and loves to dance. She reads books all day long and loves to wear shoes. She loves to play ball and if we don't get outside every day she gets a little upset. She loves her bathtime and did I mention she talks nonstop. She's hilarious and loves to wrestle with her daddy and probably wishes Micah would get up and play with her too. She loves to "cugu" color and will talk on the phone until there's a real person to talk to. She's a riot and my life is so much better because she's a part of it. The only thing she is slow on is getting her teeth. She still only has four and a half teeth. That's right, the fifth one is just starting to come in. It's so funny to see kids her age with mouths full of teeth because she would look so different to us if she had all her teeth already. So, that's our little girl in a nutshell. Love her to pieces! Oh, and I LOVE these shorts so I just had to get some pictures of her in them today. I found them in November on a clearance rack and Kohl's.
She was spining like crazy today and then walking around like a drunk person. Of course I didn't get the good time on video but you can image what it was like with this little video. Enjoy. Oh and check out her dancing video on her blog.

Anonymous said...

Love all the picts and the video. GREAT STUFF!

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