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dress up

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
I found this cute dress at a resale shop close to our house and I love it! The colors are great and Naomi looked really cute in it! Gotta love "hand-me-downs"...even when you don't know who they came from. We've found some great things for Micah there too. My godmother sent Micah and Naomi some presents yesterday. Naomi loves opening presents now and can do it all by herself...which is how she likes to do most things these days anyway. She was very anxious for daddy to get it out of the box, but once she had all the dress up clothes on she wasn't sure what to think. It's all a little bit big but that's okay, I think she had fun taking the crown off and putting it back on. Oh and of course she loved the purse.Naomi has gotten a few other gifts since Micah has been born, Cory and Kristin sent her a great magna doodle, which she loves to "caga" (color) on. A family from church got Naomi a stuffed puppy in a purse (two of her great loves, puppies and purses). We got Naomi a small chair and one little toy (from the resale shop), and she seems to be enjoying everything. She also likes all of Micah's toys and blankets. Anytime she sees a blanket she goes, "nigh night".

Today is my first day with both kids alone. I did manage to get them ready and to church on time on Sunday but Greg was home with me the rest of the day. Greg has off on Mondays so we enjoyed a lunch date and a visitor from church. I had MOPS@ last night so Greg got some one on one time with Naomi and took her on a really long walk. Micah came with me and just slept through MOPS@. So today the big task was to go to the post office to mail the taxes. You all know how much I "LOVE" to go to the post office...but it wasn't too bad this time. I put Naomi in the stroller and put Micah in the sling and off we went. The lines weren't long and they had lots of people working so it really didn't take much time. But I didn't mail my package to Indy yet, still have to wrap the presents...sorry family you're going to be waiting a little longer. Maybe I'll get it all there in time for Emily's birthday and have her present inside too!

Anyway, so far the day alone is going good. Amy is bringing us dinner tonight so I'm glad I don't have to cook. I really should be taking a nap...Micah was awake from 2-4am last night and then up at 7:30am so I'm a little tired, but I have lots of little things I'd like to get done while they are napping now. So, enough talking about it...I'm gonna get something done! Have a great day!
Anonymous said...

Jamie if you had time to write on your blog on your first day alone with the kids you're doing good!! I know it's not always easy to manage a toddler and a new born. Holly

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