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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
On Monday night we got to go to another Spurs game. Someone from church gave us their tickets for which we are grateful! We had a great time at the game and it was a much more exciting game than the first one we went to. They played the Celtics...which was fiting since it was St. Patty's Day...but they lost the game at the end. They were up by 20 some odd points at one part of the game and then lost by two at the end of the game. What a bummer! They could have won with a three at the very end but it banked and missed. Oh well, the crowd was really into the game and that made it did the company we took with us. We had great seats, about the same area as last time but we were just closer to center court and not off to the side.
Jordan (Greg's best friend and college roommate) and Jenny (friend from church) joined us for dinner before the game and we had a great time at the game as well. This was Jordan's first Spurs game and maybe second for Jenny. Raegan, Nolan and Caelan along with their mom came over and played with Naomi while we were at the game. We felt that we left her in very good hands and didn't worry about her at all. We know she had a great time playing with the kids and we hope they had fun too! Here are a bunch of pictures from our night on Monday.

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