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troubles in pj land

Thursday, February 07, 2008
So after reading this I had to laugh at clever little Traeger and even more clever Luke and Mikaela for turning his pj's inside out. I thought, we won't have to do that for at least a couple more months right? Well, I was wrong. We've already stopped putting the button-up PJ's on her because well, those are TOO easy. I didn't think we'd have to worry about the zippers for a while...and maybe today was a one time thing...we'll see. So here's the story:

Naomi woke up around 8:45 this morning and like she usually does she will sit and talk to herself for some time before "complaining" about being in bed. So I leave her in her room for a while to play by herself...nothing wrong with that right? Sometimes she gets quiet and goes back to sleep. Today she did get quiet for a little while but once I went to get her up I realized it was NOT because she was sleeping. I went in to find her sitting in her crib with her pj's totally unzipped. I thought oh how cute, she knows how to get the zipper past the button. But then I looked closer, there was a diaper on the floor, which I didn't think anything of at first because we have a little diaper holder on the end of her bed and she can reach in there and pulls diapers out from time to time. But upon further inspection I realized this was a USED diaper and a FULL diaper. Luckily it was only used and full of #1. Her sheets were wet and it was obvious that she had unzipped her pj's and pulled off her diaper...thus her being so quiet. So, hopefully this was a one time deal, but it's good to know that she can unzip her pj's. I may have to turn them inside out too if this cherade continues. I'll let you know!

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