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Friday, February 08, 2008
Here are some more pictures from our time in Colorado. I'm slow, I know. Maybe some of you don't even care to see these but for me it's about remembering the stuff we do and having it documented...this is my journal you see. And since I have mommy brain I need to get these things up on my blog so I remember them! Enjoy lots of pictures from our time in Parker!
Aunt Phyllis, Lauren, Naomi and Uncle Lee...Naomi had a good time sitting next to Uncle Lee and goofing around with him. She just didn't like it when she had to sit on his lap for a picture. Silly girl! Lauren is getting married in September so we hope to be able to make it back to CO for that awesome wedding!Naomi was curious about the kitties, she kept saying "mo, mo" (not to be confused with moo) and by the end of our stay she actually pet one of the kitties. Enjoying a little Starbucks. Come on people do you actually think I'd let Naomi have starbucks? I didn't think so. It was my empty cup but made for a cute picture.Thanks Rachel, Matt and Xavier for the cute hat! Naomi and Xavier. This was not the time that Naomi poked Xavier's eye out. Man, what bully. Her little brother better watch out!Rachel and Xavier, I love how you can see the love that Rachel has for Xavier in her expression.

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