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superbowl gear

Monday, February 11, 2008
Have you ever wondered what happens to all the shirts and hats that they make for the BIG sporting events that don't get used? You know what I mean, the shirts and hats for the losers of the Super Bowl and World Series and the like? I've always wondered what ever happens to those things. You know they have to make else would the winning team have them in their hands mear minutes after the game is over? They have to make them for both teams right? So I was listening to KLOVE on my way to my photo class this morning and I found out what happens to them. The NFL and some other companies have been shipping the new but no longer useable items to World Vision who then in turn sends it to needy families in other countries. Wow! How incredible that they are helping those families out and not just destroying the merchandise. Many of those families have never received new clothing. You can read the full story here. Just wanted to share this news because it's something I always wondered about but never knew and now have an answer to!

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