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just call me betty crocker

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
We had out first MOPS@ meeting last night. It went well, there were 7 of us there. We had some good snacks, fellowship, time to share and we made Valentine's cards. It was good to just sit and chat with those ladies and we really hope more ladies will join us next time! I made the brownies that were on the Betty Crocker calendar for Feb. They turned out pretty good, except I didn't add the whipping cream and I think that made the difference between soft caramel and the hard caramel that was on mine. But they were still good. The cards were really cute too! Thanks for getting that all ready Amy!
Casey said...

Stampin' Up, huh? It's pretty easy to recongnize the stamp sets when you are an addict, such as myself!

Cute pictures of Miss Naomi!

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