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i scrapped!

Saturday, February 02, 2008
I actually got out my stuff and made a couple of scrapbook pages last night...the traditional way! I have not scrapped in my new house since...well, ever! Last night was the first time. Now, I have scrapped since we moved but I've always gone somewhere else to do so. It was fun to get out all my stuff and fill up the dining room table and just get creative. I had originally scrapped these pictures at a different time but trust me those pages were NOT worth looking at. So I cut the pictures off that page, luckily they were just on black paper so it made for a great matt. I am much happier with how these pages turned out. These are some of my favorite pictures and the way I had them before did not do them justice. Naomi was about a month and a half old when I took these pictures (tripod, timer, black sheet hanging from her closet). If I had some more "embelishments" I might have added more but I mostly just have stickers, so I couldn't go too crazy (which might be a good thing). Sorry, the pictures of these pages are horrible, the lighting was really bad! But here are my two pages that I scrapped in MY house.
Kari said...

Those are awesome pages! Did you get my email about a crop this coming Friday? I'm using a new evite option and I want to make sure it actually works. :)

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