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A Glitter of Gold, book review!!

Friday, August 02, 2019

I've been reading lots of books this year. I've found a new favorite author and read quite a few books from some of my old favorites. One book I jad the honor of reading before the release is "A Glitter of Gold" by Liz Johnson. I've been reading, reviewing and promoting books for Liz for quite a few years...because honestly, I lpve to read what she writes.

Her books portray real life in fun and different scenarios. They show love, overcoming hardships, grace and faith in Jesus being central without hitting you over the head. I really feel that I learn more about my faith and the application of my faith and life as a Christian through her fiction books.

Liz Johnson's most recent series is based on the Georgia coast. While all three books will take place on the coast they don't have to be read in order of when they were released like many of her series do. A Glitter of Gold will be released August 6th and it'll be one you will want to get from the bookstore because you'll probably want to read it more than once.

Here's the book description from Good Reads...
When pirate wreck tour guide Anne Norris finds evidence of an undiscovered shipwreck, she seeks the help of museum director Carter Hale to uncover the truth and treasure that could save her business. But can she trust him with her secrets and her heart?

My review:
 A Glitter of Gold is a great read about adventure, love, and learning to understand grace and release shame. The story of Anne and her past that haunts her and how she is released from the pain is encouraging, heartfelt and real. The story of Carter trying to make it on his own without his family name giving him help and learning to realize that family is important and that sometimes you find things when you are not even looking for them. This story was heartwarming, engaging and realistic which I really love in a book. Do yourself a favor and add this to your list.

Head over to Good Reads and enter to win your own copy before August 6th!! You won't be disappointed.

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