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shape self-portraits

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
This year we focused on the 7 elements of art and each of our projects explored at least one of those elements. In our kindergarten/first grade we made large shape self-portraits. We started the lesson with making patterns using a pom pom on a clothes pin. They made patterns of dots, lines or both. We kept it simple by just using black or white paint. 

I cut out the heads for the kids to save time and to keep from having heads that were too small or too large. I pre punched a bunch of black and white circles for the eyes and also cut the squares and rectangles for the hands and fingers. The kids cut their arms and legs out of the patterned paper and then assembled the bodies.

They added some facial features with crayons and then got to work on adding hair!

 It was so fun to hang these in the hallway and see all the kids spending time with their friends in the hall!!
I absolutely LOVE how these turned out!

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