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observations from an MRI tunnel

Monday, November 02, 2015
I remember as a teenager there were times I would yawn and my jaw would get stuck open. It would take some wiggling of my jaw in order to get it to close. This didn't happen often but enough that I remember it. I have had issues with my jaw for a long time and realized it was TMJ finally when I was in college. My dentists never did much about it when I was younger because it wasn't a huge issue. Once we moved to San Antonio it started to act up and I had an awesome dentist so I got a night guard and it really seemed to help. But in the last month the right side of my jaw has really been hurting. I'm not able to open my mouth very far and I'm just in pain. So I started at the dentist office...who sent me to an Oral & Maxillofacial specialist...and the specialist sent me in to get an MRI. I went in this morning for my MRI...and I made a few observations....
1) Why with our technology are we not able to make MRI machines quieter?
2) when you have small children going to the dentist or for an MRI is kind of like a vacation. A really loud vacation. But where else do they give you ear plugs and basically tell you to take a nap for 30 minutes? 
3) As I was lying still in the machine trying not to move with my eyes closed I wondered if maybe it was all a scam so they could go through my purse. Ha! I know, I have weird thoughts right?

My ears were ringing for a good part of the day...but hopefully I'll get some answers next week when I go back to the specialist for him to read my scan.

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