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recovering kitchen chairs...epic crafting fail!!!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013
I just wanted to show you all that not everything I craft is amazing, good or even worth repeating! I was so excited to actually get something crossed off my never ending to-do list to just have to put it back on there. I've been wanting to recover my kitchen chairs for THE LONGEST TIME!! 

They are cute chairs but the fabric on them is stained, gross and covered in who knows what...well, I do know what some of the stains are but if I tell you then you probably won't come over for dinner. So, I've been wanting to re-cover these chairs for a long time and I finally just said to myself, "self, why not just tackle this project and cross it off the list". So I did and it was honestly SO easy to do. Too easy. Too good to be true. Nah. Oh yeah, too good to be true. The removal of the seat was easy. The stapling of the new tablecloth turned chair cover was easy. And apparently the ripping of the tablecloth turned chair cover was easy too. Oh well, you can't win them all! 

So, while we are looking to re-do our kitchen in the next six months we will be looking for wooden chair that don't have any fabric on them at all. In the mean time we'll try to deal with what we've got and not make the holes any bigger...maybe I should cover the tablecloth with packing tape! I bought some new fabric for curtains and could use some of that for the chairs with a layer of clear heavy duty vinyl...but I think we'll just look for chairs without a pad/fabric and call it good. 

Just wanted to show you that I do have EPIC crafting fails too!! Just keepin it real!!

I purchased a bunch of these vinyl tablecloths at JoAnn's after the season for 80% off for another project but decided to use them for my chair recover. Seemed like a good idea at the time...

See how pretty they are. Clean. Easy to wipe off. Wouldn't get stained...

But alas, not very sturdy and rip very easily!! Argh!

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