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family photography

Sunday, November 17, 2013
I already shared these photos over at my facebook page so forgive the "double exposure" if you already saw them there! I need to get back in the habit of blogging and figured this would be a great way to start again!

I was contacted by Denise about photographing her family a few weeks ago. We were able to find a time that worked for both of us and the weather was supposed to be in the 70's with a 10% chance of rain. With a 2pm scheduled session I figured we'd be good...but then I pulled out of my garage and realized it was raining...go figure. But as I was driving I noticed that it wasn't really raining so much as spitting and slowing down pretty much to nothing. By the time 2pm rolled around the rain had stopped but the ground was still soaked...but with two busy family schedules to play around with we knew it would be best to go ahead with the session as planned. So, we wouldn't be able to sit down on the ground...there are worse things that can happen during a photo session, we were going to make the best of this situation. Actually the overcast sky was perfect because as I found out during and after the session this is a family of blinkers and squinters so without the harsh sun we were able to get lots of great photos!

I've never had the privilege of photographing triplets before and from now on all my triplet sessions will be compared to this one...which isn't fair for the future triplets. These boys were awesome. They were well behaved. They listened. They had fun. They photo bombed each other. They were silly. They talked about super heros and ninjas and the Avengers and Thor. They had great ideas for photos. They stood still when I asked them to. They were great. I really love photographing this age, mostly because they listen and they aren't afraid to BE THEMSELVES!!! Thank you so much Denise and Dan for trusting me with capturing your family at this stage in life. Thanks Denise for allowing me to capture you WITH your family so you are out from behind the lens and the boys have some photos WITH you to treasure! Thanks for the super fun afternoon! I hope you like the sneak peak and I will get the rest done soon!!

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