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first day of school

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
We say it at this time every year and whenever someone celebrates a birthday or some other big milestone. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. It is true that the minutes seem to take forever (some days more than others) but the months just fly by. Summer break is officially over at our house as the kids went back to school yesterday...and I officially joined the workforce again. My first day of work went pretty well, only one minor hiccup which will be fixed today! The kids had a GREAT first day and are so excited to go back today...well, Micah doesn't have to go back until Wednesday because of a staggered schedule but he's excited none-the-less.

We love the school the kids go too and while it isn't cheap it's worth every penny. The level of education they receive is outstanding. It is a Classical Christian school and they aren't being taught to just answer questions on a test, they are being taught how to think, reason and speak eloquently. They both have amazing teachers that make me feel good about leaving my precious children in their care all day. The class sizes are small which is pretty nice and this year Naomi is in a class with all girls! And Micah is in a class with six boys and two girls. It'll be a fun year for both of them. Anyway, enough chatty are some photos from their first day of school!

The printable comes from Paper Coterie. And you could totally do what I did...I printed out the sign but my printer was out of ink so I just had the kids hold a white piece of paper and added the sign in later. Not perfect but it works!!! I may go back to their photos from last year and add a sign to those as well since I forgot to print something out! 

Have your kids started school yet? The public schools here started last week and some even the week before that. It just seems too early...where does the summer break go when you have to start school the first week of August. Well, I will miss our fun summer but we've got lots of great memories and I'm looking forward to fall!! Happy back to school time!

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