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do you make new dishes for dinner guests?

Tuesday, August 06, 2013
We love having people over for dinner. I love trying new recipes and making things fun and a little bit fancy...but really low-key and relaxed!! For our little dinner party on Friday night with some new folks to our church I tried out a few new recipes which is always a little risky but turned out to be really great!! 

In the process of saving money/being more green I am making my own cloth napkins...super easy and since I've gotten a bunch of free fabric from church that maybe isn't something I'd use for dresses for the girls I thought I'd use it for some napkins. So, I made some napkins for our dinner party and decided at the VERY last minute (10 minutes before they arrived) to make a little menu to wrap around the napkin and silverware. I only snapped a few photos because I didn't want to be the host who appears vain because she's photographing her food and silverware! So, they are few and blurry! But they get the point across and help me remember what I did for this particular dinner party.

Our appetizer was stuffed baguette rounds. Yum! The idea came from here and I made it my own...I used cream cheese, green and red peppers, purple onion, ham and salami. It was DELICIOUS!!!

I also made this sweet and tangy chicken but I used orange marmalade instead of apricot preserves. Seriously this was SO SUPER EASY and so DELICIOUS as well. I prepared the chicken ahead of time so that all I had to do was throw it in the oven when the time came. I served baked potatoes and green beans from a members garden too. And then we had chocolate eclair cake for dessert...graham crackers, french vanilla pudding mixed with fresh homemade whipped cream and then topped with frosting (if you want the exact recipe let me know). So, it's not the original baked way of making eclair but it's tasty!!

I like to make fresh squeezed lemonade and serve it in little mason jars too..just something out of the ordinary. We enjoyed our company and I had fun creating a new menu and trying out some new dishes! I'm sure one of these days creating a new dish for company will backfire but for now I've been pretty lucky!

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