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child's drawing embroidered

Saturday, May 04, 2013
My kids love to draw. And they draw me LOTS of pictures. Some I keep. Some I toss while they are sleeping  (I don't want to break their little hearts...but they don't remember them anyway). Some of them I frame. And the REALLY REALLY special ones get another treatment.

Micah drew this picture for me while I was pregnant with Abi. It is one of the first drawings he ever did with people in it (well, people that look like people anyway). It is so special to me because I just asked him to draw a picture of our family and LOVE how he drew Abi too.
I wanted to make sure this picture got a special place in Abi's room so I decided instead of just framing it I'd do something else. I decided to embroider this drawing onto some fabric.

I just taped the drawing to a window then taped up the fabric and traced the drawing with a pencil onto the fabric. Then I got to stitching and soon had an embroidered drawing to put in Abi's room. Idid take a few creative licenses and took a few of the extra things out and changed one color but it didn't "change" the drawing really. I still need to frame this but I'm so excited that I finally finished it....because I started working on this before Abi was born. It feels good to do something for our family and to put Micah's artwork in a permanent state. I hope to do one soon of some of Naomi's art because that girl can draw!

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