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six months old

Saturday, April 27, 2013
I cannot believe my baby girl is half a year old already. I know this happens with every child but it seems with the fourth that the months go even faster. Abi is officially rolling over now. She doesn't like her car seat for long periods of time (especially 12 hour car rides). She LOVES to smile. She's not consistently sleeping through the night but most nights she does. She has found her voices, loves to babble, say dah-dah-dah and SQUEEEELS a lot too. She loves to play with little toys and can put her pacifier back in her mouth (well she's been doing that for a month or so already). She's close to sitting on her own but doesn't get a lot of practice time. She's an amazing little girl and we're blessed to have her in our family.

At 6 months old she's 15lbs2oz and 25.5 inches tall!!

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