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baby polly

Thursday, February 28, 2013
{Jackson, TN newborn photography} I love it when my friends have babies. Newborns are my favorite to photograph. Although they may not always cooperate by sleeping through a session, they cannot walk away or pitch a fit (well, they can but it's expected) like a toddler. They are cute, snuggly and smell good...and when it's my friends having the babies I get to enjoy the new baby smell, snuggles and cuteness without having to go through the whole process of having a baby. And I get to sleep at night...well, as much as my four month old allows. I was so excited when Marcia told me she was pregnant and couldn't wait for the day I'd be able to get my hands (and my camera) on her new little baby! Polly was such a good baby for me. She wasn't interested in sleeping but she let me do whatever I wanted with her. I moved her around, put her in things, on top of things, beside things and she just laid there and checked it all out. She did finally fall asleep right before we added big sister and big brother to the photo session and that was a good thing!! Here are some of my favorites from Polly's session. I'm still working on a few "fun" photos that I hope to post soon...if my idea pans out how I wanted it to! Thanks Marcia for trusting me once again with your beautiful family and these priceless memories! IMG_3812 IMG_3847 IMG_3867 IMG_3875 IMG_3896 IMG_3917 IMG_3924 IMG_3943 IMG_3954

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