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the story of Abi

Thursday, November 01, 2012
January 2012. Sunday night after not feeling great and having chest pains on and off for a day or so I called my aunt who is a nurse. I wanted to get her opinion on what was going on with me. She told me that if it didn't persist that evening that I should just try and get a doctor appointment as soon as possible just to check things out just to be on the safe side. I was able to get an appointment for Tuesday morning with a family practice doctor. He started with the normal questions and did lots of the normal things that anyone getting a physical would get. I went to get some chest x-rays as well and asked the nurse to run a pregnancy test too just on the off chance that I was pregnant.

That afternoon I missed a phone call from the dr's office, I returned the call and the nurse was not available. She returned my call and told me that "all the tests came back negative...except're pregnant" I was in shock. She told me that she couldn't just leave that on a message because she wanted to hear my reaction and that's why she wanted to make sure to talk with me in person. I was so excited, but again totally shocked. I called Greg and shared the news with him...he was also very excited, but shocked as well.

I went to the dr. for the first time to "confirm" the pregnancy in February. I never peed on a stick...never saw the word "pregnant" or the two little lines. I thought about taking a test just to have a picture of it but never did. Here's the first photo we got of our little peanut!!

I spent the first twelve weeks feeling pretty puny. Never got sick enough to vomit but had a very uneasy stomach and just an all around icky feeling. But for some reason as soon as I hit 12 weeks that all seemed to go away.

June 21 - The day before the big ultrasound I was feeling uneasy. I just felt like something wasn't right. It wasn't a real strong feeling just the unknown was nerve wracking. The ultrasound was great. We got to see our little one and found out that we'd have our third October girl!! We were all kind of hoping to have another boy but were just super excited to see that our little lady was healthy and developing on track!

They made me do the glucose test the first time I went to the dr. because I was over 30. I passed. When the time came for my big glucose test at 26 weeks I passed that one too. I don't mind the orange drink at all...I know most women don't care for it but I don't think it's that bad!

Everything was progressing pretty good but around August my blood pressure was starting to creep into the higher numbers again (had high blood pressure at the end of all my other pregnancies too). I had been seeing the midwife but she wanted me to see an MD because of my blood pressure issues. Once I did that the dr. started me on Non-stress tests each time I came in for an appointment and instead of going once a month to two times a month I just went straight to weekly visits. I didn't mind the NST (non-stress test) visits at all, I got to sit in a comfy recliner and listen to my little ladies heartbeat!! I called it my 30 minute nap, and actually looked forward to it! Blood pressure was high in August but seemed pretty normal in September and October...but they kept me on the NST and every once in a while I'd get an ultrasound so they could check my fluid levels. It was fun to see my little girl so much before she even arrived.

Took this photo at 39 weeks!! So anxious to meet the little lady!

I took this photo at 40 weeks before heading to church. I hadn't made it to 40 weeks with any of my other kids so this was new territory for me. I was going to the dr. twice at week at this point. The dr. I'd started to see regularly was on vacation for the first week of October so I was a little anxious about having her while he was gone. I was not interested in having an induction. I wanted the pregnancy to end as naturally as possible.    I was anxious to meet my little lady but I was comfortable (for the most part) and really just content with waiting. Greg and I had decided that we'd go the route of induction only if it was necessary for my health or the health of the baby. I talked with my dr. (after he returned from vacation) and he told me that there could be risks with waiting much longer than 41 weeks. He said they used to let patients go to 42 weeks but there were risks with that. So, we talked induction and he told us that he was on call at the hospital on the 15th so that is when we decided to schedule the induction (which was 41 weeks and 1 day for me).

October 15, 2012 - My parents arrived at our house about 6:15am. We left for the hospital around 6:40am for a scheduled 7am induction. I answered the million questions they have for about to deliver moms, the hooked me up to all the machines, got my antibiotic started and told me they were going to get the pitocin. I told them that dr. A said he'd be willing to break my water first, see if that got things started and if not to then turn to the pitocin. Dr. A wasn't even at the hospital until after 8:30 and at 9am he finally came in and broke my water. Apparently it wasn't doing much so they started me on a slow drip of pitocin. They kept asking if I was ready for an epidural but I was doing okay and didn't want the epidural to slow things down any. At this point I was only about 3.5 cm dialated. The next couple of hours were a blurr. I think around 11:30 Greg left to go get some lunch...I watched some tv, read a magazine and just tried to breathe through the painful contractions.

Around 12:00 my contractions were getting pretty painful so I told them I was ready for the epidural. They turned the pitocin off because of the pain I was in and said they'd start it again once I had the epidural.  The anesthesiologist came in around 12:30 and I warned him about my bad back and how no dr had ever been able to get the epidural in the right spot the first time...he assured me (like they all did) that he could do it. First go. He said, you're right your back is a little weird. I could feel everything. The needle, the little "hose" thing that pumps the medicine in, everything. He told me it wasn't in the epidural space and that he'd try again. On try number 2 I got SHARP shooting pains in my left thigh. It felt like blood was shooting down my leg. So not fun...and the contractions were still strong and still coming. So, the second time despite the shooting pain in my thigh he told me he got it in and it should start working within 15 minutes. I looked at the clock because I wanted to know when it should be working...the time was 12:50pm. They turned the pitocin back on.

At 1:05 I looked at the clock through the pain of my contractions and hoped and prayed that would be the last one I would feel. The nurse was in the room getting things ready because "I think you're going to go fast." At 1:10, I kept praying that it would be the end of the pain. I pushed the epidural button, nothing seemed to be working. The pain was EXCRUCIATING. I told the nurses about the pain and that the epidural wasn't working and when they checked me they said I was at 4cm. About 10 minutes later still feeling everything and not getting many breaks in between contractions they checked me again and said I was only at 6cm.  I was in so much pain. Never felt anything like that before (and don't want to feel that again) and wasn't sure I would make it. I don't think I uttered any four letter words but I was feeling like I wanted to. I don't think I opened my eyes much either. The contractions were strong and so close together I barely had time to catch my breath. About 1:45 (or even later I have no idea what time it was since my eyes were closed), I told Greg he needed to call the nurse in because I HAD to push. The pain was so intense and I knew that the only way I would feel relief was to get the little lady out. So the nurse came in and told me to go ahead and just push. She was there and caught the sweet little baby girl at 1:51pm. My dr. walked in the room as baby Abi was making her appearance. He said "You couldn't wait for me" and I told him "I told you that when I'm ready my babies come very fast". The nurse took the baby to the warmer and to do all the new baby things while the dr did what he had to do.  It was so crazy how fast Abi came when the time was really right. But all the contractions and waiting to get to that point was not fun. I've never felt anything like that, and although I don't remember what the pain felt like now but I know that it was the most pain I'd ever been in. But it was SO totally worth it!!

Do I have to pay for the epidural? ha!

Abi spent the first hour of her life with me but then she was in the nursery for over three hours. Not exactly sure why it took that long but we were so excited to get her back in our room. The big kids came to see her then too. They told me that she was jittery so they tested her blood sugar and it was low so they gave her some formula and that helped it regulate. Long story short, they had to test her blood sugar before I fed her each time...most of the time it was low. So, I'd nurse (or try to) and then give her a bottle. Finally before we left on Wednesday she was nursing just fine and I wasn't having to give her any formula. And we are not sure why she was so red. My pediatrician didn't have an answer for that either. We just said that she's sunburned!

The big kids LOVE Abi and are so thrilled to have a baby in the house. Hannah is doing pretty good with not being the baby anymore. She loves to hold Abi, kiss her head and kiss her feet. She tells me when Abi is crying and is a great helper with diapers! I've got more pictures on my facebook page that you can see here.

So, that's the story of best as I can remember it and without ALL the gory details ;). More photos to come I'm sure!!

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

what a beautiful story and that picture of the 2 of you is gorgeous! Thanks for popping over. Staying awake after our morning feeding is usually what happens for me these days as well! Praying that you find that alone time with God again soon!

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