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october overhaul...part 2

Thursday, October 11, 2012
October OverhaulingThe process of cleaning up any space always involves a bigger mess before it becomes clean and organized right? Well, last Thursday the nesting bug hit me again and I got to work on my October Overhaul. I started by cleaning off my sewing desk and started with the things that just simply needed to be put away. And there were a bunch of things that just needed to be put somewhere else (how they ended up in my craft corner I'm not sure). Here are a couple of photos in the middle of my overhaul...

I have a bad habit of storing things in plastic bags...but I got rid of all of them!! yay!!

 laying things in piles based on where they needed to end up...

 I labeled everything!! I always knew what was in which container but this way it's easier to spot and if I need someone to grab something for me they won't have to open every single thing in order to find it. I'm not finished with the organizing. Eventually I'd like to be able to have the top of the shelf cleared of any boxes/bins but that involves the BIG overhaul of the craft items in my closet. So, for now they will stay but at least they are organized!!
 The hanging tags will be changed eventually...I will make something pretty but for now it works great and helps me know what I have where.

 So what do you think? Did I do okay? Naomi came in the next morning and seemed pretty shocked with how things looked! I also ended up cleaning off my dresser top and my side table! So nice to see the tops of my furniture again!! I will do my best to keep things organized and clean, I know I will fail but I will try and get things cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time and not let the clutter sit for months and months. I've already created my first project with "items on hand" but you're going to have to wait to see it!
 I hope to get the cork board hung up soon...and some other things that I still need to do. But it's a good start and feels great to have the space clean and organized!!

And so you can see how far it's's the before:

and the after (so far):

Unknown said...

WOW! Fabulous. I am almost inspired! ;)

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