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craft area clean up...the beginning

Tuesday, October 02, 2012
Mom, avert your eyes...oh wait, you've seen this mess in person! Sorry!
October Overhauling
So for the month of October I've joined in a little Overhauling of my craft area that Amy from While Wearing Heels and Amie from Pinkapotamus are hosting!! I'm in desperate need of this overhaul...just ask my husband! Poor guy has to look at this mess EVERY DAY! God bless him for not saying something everyday about the mess because he surely could...probably should (but he's very good to me).

A little back story...when we moved into our new house in April we had the big girls sharing a room and Micah had his own room, and we had a guest/craft room. We were thinking that if this baby was a boy we'd have a girl room, a boy room and a guest/craft room (and a master of course). Then we found out that we're having a girl so we had to get creative. We decided to let the little girls share and give Micah and Naomi their own rooms...which means no more guest/craft room. We do use Naomi's room as a guest room when we need it so feel free to come visit ;). Anyway, since we no longer would have a space for me to store my crafting supplies in a craft room we had to get creative. Greg said we could put the craft stuff in our bedroom...isn't he the best!! I know he'd probably rather I just got rid of 90% of my "supplies" but he puts up with it very graciously!! So, the craft room became a craft corner in our bedroom. Plus more overflow in my closet and still in Naomi's closet.

The craft corner is SO unorganized, so messy and just overflowing...I have a hard time getting rid of things obviously. When I saw this challenge I knew it was PERFECT for me. The rules are buying craft supplies from October 1-31...share the space, clean and organize the space, make a project with supplies already on hand and share the experience.

So as I thought it through, there's not really anything I need to buy (I just always find excuses to do so), I will be having a baby early in October, thus hopefully keeping me out of the stores as that "no buying" part would be pretty easy! Then I thought if I share my space it may motivate me even more to get things cleaned up because of HOW EMBARRASSING this mess is!! Yikes! Still can't believe I'm sharing these pictures of my space... Next thought, it may take me two weeks or so to get everything cleaned up and organized so if I spill over into November I'm not too worried about it. I've got plenty of items on hand to create projects with and hope to do that throughout the month as well. So, wish me luck! Even with a new baby I'm hoping to get this mess cleaned up! Would love to have a clean space to show our family and friends when they come for baby's baptism at the end of the month!!!

Brace yourself...I am sharing this REAL part of my life with you all. Be kind. Yikes. I'm hoping that by doing this y'all will help hold me accountable to actually get this mess cleaned up! I know Greg would be SOOO happy if/when I do! I'm not going to show the messy closets too....we can all only handle so much CRAP lying around in one day! Can't wait to share some AWESOME after photos by the end of the month!!! And if I decide to actually get rid of some of my "supplies" do you want them?
Shelves with bins from Target!!

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

I spy some really inspiring craft supplies lurking in there. I want to come over and craft with you...OR, I'll hold your new baby (when she arrives) so you can craft. I'm off to share your story, and maybe bring a few new readers your way, on facebook.

Barbara said...

Isn't it crazy how quickly supplies and things accumulate! Hopefully you'll be inspired as you discover things you forgot about. Good luck with the clean (:

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