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are matching outfits okay for christmas cards?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
I LOVE to make things for my kids.
I LOVE when little kids match.
I know as a photographer I should love diversity in outfits...
and I do, but I also love a well-coordinated/matching outfit too.

I made this dress before, for Naomi to wear to my cousins wedding.
So, I knew it would be easy...and I figured out a way to make the dress
REVERSIBLE!!! yay me!
I also decided that I would make a cute little dress for Hannah,
so I totally winged that one and it just barely fits her!

Since the girls were matching I decided to make a tie shirt for Micah.
Then I decided this would be perfect for our family Christmas card photo.
NO, Greg and I will not be matching them, but we will be well coordinated.
So here are the cute dresses I made for the girls, the tie shirt for Micah
and a sneak peek of them wearing the outfits!

There are three combinations we can do with these dresses.
Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

I also made some little fabric flowers for the girls hair.
It's a good thing I made them too...
No, I'm not trying to be all trendy and stuff,
just needed a flower to cover up the mistake I made when sewing.
The little ruffle part at the bottom of Hannah's dress was totally uneven!
So, I improvised and added the little flower to the short part!

Here's Micah's tie shirt.
I took photos during the process so I will post a tutorial
of how I do my tie shirts, hopefully this weekend!

Sorry about the coloring on this next one.
I know photographers aren't supposed to share bad photos...
but this is the only one I have of all three outfits,
it was taken late at night with no flash...
and because I have small children one of which is 6 weeks old
I have an excuse for not being able to get a good natural light photo.

And here's a sneak peek from our little
"Christmas Card" photo shoot!


The Harvalas said...

Very Cute - I think this matching is totally okay! And if you hadn't said anything about Hannah's flower not supposed to be there we would have never known :) Kinda seems wrong for the girls not having to wear a shirt under the dress for a Christmas picture, especially oustide!

Lucy, Murray and Ginny's Mom said...

I think matching is great! I'm hoping to make a tie shirt for Lucy and do a similar process with matching fabric and put mittens or a snowflake on a shirt for Lucy....I always try to coordinate my kiddos...I just don't take pictures and send out Christmas cards like you do :) I'm not organized enough!

Tara said...

Those are adorable. I am working on some for the girls for Christmas. I think now I will make a tie shirt for Cordell. Thanks for the great idea Jamie!

km said...

Too cute for words! What a perfect HOLIDAY ensemble!!

Amanda's Insane Adventure said...

I like making my kids match I love the outfits! You did a wonderful job, and your lil' ones are beautiful:)

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