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30 days of gratitude

Thursday, November 04, 2010
I got this great printable from Jessica Sprague.
I've always wanted to do things like this but it usually
gets put on the back burner and never executed.
I've decided that it's time to actually do what I want
rather than to just think/dream about doing it.

I don't have big chunks of time anymore so
it did take me parts of three days to actually get it all completed,
but I'm SOOO happy that I actually did complete it.
We started naming things that we were thankful for on the 1st of Nov.
And we'll continue till the 30th....and hopefully beyond that.

Please don't mind the cluttered fridge!

We have five people in our family,
so each person gets their own number...
Greg is 1, I am 2, Naomi is 3, Micah is 4 and Hannah is 5.
It's fun to see what each person comes up with for the day.
Naomi has been all about nature...she also said,
flowers, and fruit trees for two other days.
Micah is all about Mickey Mouse and TV related things,
(not sure if he really gets what we're doing yet).
And it's fun to think up what little Hannah might be thankful for!

How do you share your thankfulness with your family?
Tara said...

This looks so fun! I would love to make one of these! Thanks Jamie!

KM said...

so cool!!!!

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