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photo shoot

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to a nearby park
for a little mini impromptu photo session.
We have a family session scheduled for next Monday,
and I am SOOO excited to get some good family photos,
before we become a family of five!
Wow! A family of five, that's just weird to say!

Anyway, I happened to pick one of the hottest days
and we went right about 11am...which is always the hot time of day.
But we weren't out there too long.
The kids did pretty good and I got some good shots
to put in my living room so I can switch out
the 6 month old photos that are currently in there.

Some of you have already seen these on facebook,
but I wanted to post them here as well.
Here are a few of my favorites!

I set up the tripod and put the timer on...
we got LOTS of bad shots but two worth keeping.
No, I did not get up and down each time...
the kids LOVED being able to push the button
and then run back to get in the photos,
probably why we had so many blurry and bad ones...
oh well, it was a totally fun experience!!!

Can't wait to share photos from our family session!!
Ashley Sisk said...

These are so great - I really love the third shot - the bw of your daughter. They are all beautiful though.

Theresa said...

Great photos. Don't feel bad...the photos in my living room of the kids are from last spring! Ugh. If you lived closer I'd have you come over and take newer ones :)

Anonymous said...

Naomi looks so super cute in that dress. Great pics.

Robyn W.

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