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Wednesday, July 08, 2009
It's about time.
I'm more than ready.
But I still have to pack!

It's vacation time! We're heading out on Thursday and will return the following Friday. Our vacation entails some time with friends and lots of time with family. We are heading up to Plano to spend a day with Kimi and Scott and their boys. Then we drive north to Hot Springs, AK to spend a week with Greg's entire family. Greg's parents just celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary and decided that rather than have a big party they wanted to get the whole family together for a week of fun. And, Hot Springs is just about central for all of us to drive to. We are very excited and Naomi has been talking for weeks about seeing Andrew and his baby Noah. I think she'll be surprised to see that Noah's not really a baby anymore. She's also very excited to play with Emily and Michael...whom we'll also get to see today!!! We are planning on staying the night in Denton with Eric, Heather and their girls on the way home. Can't wait to spend time with family and friends.

Oh, but don't think I've forgotten about you blog reading friends. There are LOTS of things in store for you. So please come back while I'm away. There is something new everyday...and somedays two things new! Just for you! It'll be like I didn't even leave!!! Happy reading to you. Happy driving with two kids under 3 to me!

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