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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Micah is such an awesome kid.
He LOVES to snuggle.
He loves to give kisses (pucker up).
He loves to scream.
He loves to fight back.
He loves to be tickled by his collar bone.
He loves to climb.
He loves to play ball. And watch ball on tv.
He LOVES to eat.
He is almost walking. He will take about 12 steps on his own when we coax him to do so.
He is starting to do a little sign language.
He babbles all the time and we can hear mommy and daddy a little clearer now.
He loves to say uh-oh and here's your proof.

When I was leaving the gym today some lady saw Micah and commented on how cute he was. She said he should be in commercials. And I said "I know, I just don't know how to get him started." She told me maybe someone would notice him at H-E-B.
The grocery store?
What kind of commercials was she thinking?
Well, maybe I'll have to make sure he's looking especially cute next time I need to buy some bananas.

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