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the very busy spider

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If you've known our family for any amount of time you probably know how much we love books. We don't have to have them all read we just like to have them around. I think it's a disease! Naomi has inherited this love of books and it makes me so happy. If you've ever read any Eric Carle books you know how good they are for kids because they are repetitive. Well, Naomi got a set of three Eric Carle books for Christmas from Aunt Tracey (thanks Tracey!) and she reads them often. She has recently started reading them "all by myself". So, I asked her to read one for you all to hear and she induldged me. Know that this reading is not perfect and there are a few distractions but I think you'll get the point. Now, grab your coffee or water and sit back for story time with Naomi.

Rachel Hill said...

Xavier watched the whole video and thought Naomi was so funny. He especially liked when Micah tried to join the fun too!

Anonymous said...

Can you say "go" Mommy? "You did! Yeah!" LOL that was hilarious.

Holly said...

Andrew and Noah are in bed, but I'll have to let them see cousin Naomi reading her book. Wish you could join us this weekend with butchering. We'll be thinking of you.

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