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great mail day

Saturday, February 21, 2009
Wednesday was a great mail day! My order from WHCC came! yay! I had ordered some prints for one of my brides and I had also ordered the storyboards of Meagan. I was so excited to see my work so large and mounted and professionally printed like that. I've gotten 8x10s before and that's nice but it's so great to see 16x20's and larger. I am really happy with the way they turned out and so are Susan and Meagan. Thanks, Susan for taking a "chance" with me and helping me find out how great they are (they, being the prints and the printers!)! Now, I just need to order a couple of canvases. I have the photos in mind, just need to make it happen! I'll let you know when I do.When I was photographing these photographs (only a photographer would do that right?), the kids wanted in on the action. Naomi grabbed one of my cameras off my antique camera table and started shooting right along side me. Awesome. I get to train my second shooter! yay! She loves to tell Micah to smile and pose and she was even saying, "Meagan, smile" and she would snap her fingers to get Meagan to smile (she sees her daddy doing that when trying to get Micah's attention for a photo). It was too funny!

Katherine Marie! said...

I'm just browsing your archives... my your SECOND SHOOTER is a doll! :):) We all need an assistant like this!!!!!!

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