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favorite phrases

Saturday, February 28, 2009
Naomi's phrases change almost weekly and here are a few that have stuck around for a while. She may not always use them in the right context but she uses them a lot!
"just for pretend"
"who gave that for me?"
"all by myself"
"I don't want to go potty"
"but that's okay"
"_____'s gonna come over" (whoever is on her mind at the moment is just minutes away from coming over)
"soon" but she doesn't really understand what that means she just uses it a lot knowing that it doesn't mean right now, example: "I'm gonna take a nap soon" but this can never mean right now in her little world.

She'll pick up her cell phone from uncle Eric and have a conversation something like this: "Hello, this is me....babbling...are you gonna come over? no? okay, bye"

Dana and Holly, we have started the indoctrination into Annie...Naomi has watched it twice and asks to watch "Mannie" regularly. It's already begun, Micah will have the songs memorized before too long just like his daddy (because big sister(s) want to watch it all the time :)).

Ahh, two year olds! gotta love em!
Dana said...

Yeah! We will have to watch Annie this summer in Arkansas :) What fun! It's a Hard Knock Life... I also want to give Greg a high five for watching it with her :) Doug and Michael go into the other room whenever Emily and I have it on :)

Holly said...

Gene does the same thing as Doug and Michael. My boys really haven't been exposed yet, but maybe I just might have to one of these weekends when Daddy isn't around. :)

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