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Friday, November 21, 2008
I like tennis as much as the next guy. I don't exactly understand how the scoring goes but I do understand the concept of the game. It is a game that I would much rather play than watch and if I was ever in any sort of tennis compettition, be it actual playing or trivia, I would want my brother-in-law Gene on my team.

It is not however playing tennis that I developed my recent tennis elbow injury. After having a sore elbow for over a week I finally went to the doctor. I had told Greg last week that I thought I had tennis elbow and he thought that seemed pretty silly. But today, my thoughts were confirmed. I was in a lot of pain last night (not just from getting up with Micah every two hours) but my elbow really hurt. It hurt to straighten it, bend it, touch it or just leaving it alone sometimes even hurt. So, I found a family doctor this morning and got an appointment with the nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner was great, turned out to be a man in his 60's who used to be a missionary in Honduras. He gave me a shot of some sort, wrapped my arm in an ace bandage and even said a prayer for my quick healing. Obviously God is working in every part of our lives but it's so incredible to me how He helped me blindly pick this random doctor (who was part of our insurace) to go see. I have not met the doctor to whom this nurse practitioner works for but if he's anything like the nurse I'd say we'll be in good hands.

Thanks so much Anna for watching my kids. It was nice to be alone for a moment, even if it was just sitting in the waiting room. Oh and you may be wondering how I got tennis elbow in the first place. Well, I think it was when I took the kids to Waco by myself. I did a lot of reaching behind me and stretching to get things to the kids while we were driving. I know, not the most safe option but much better than hearing crying for 2+ hours.
Holly said...

Hope your elbow gets to feel better before too long. If it lasts much longer you might consider getting a strap to put around the elbow area. You can get them at most pharmacy ype stores and even Wal-Mart carries them. Hope you're still able to do the kid carrying you need to do without too much trouble. Just a little tip from your friendly PT :)

Jamie said...

Yeah, the nurse wrapped it in an ace bandage and told me to go get a better brace, so I did and have been wearing it. It's starting to feel a little better.

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