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Saturday, May 10, 2008
Yesterday I lost three hours of my life and my gallbladder. You know how when you go to a REALLY bad movie and you walk out and say, there's two hours of my life that I'll never get back. Well, I had that same feeling yesterday. It's so weird to be totally with it, joking around and then the next thing you know it you're someplace else feeling like you've just been hit by a truck, but are not with it enough to express that to anyone.

We got to the surgery center and filled out the paperwork and waited for my name to be called. I walked back to a room that was filled with stretchers and curtains and people waiting the knife. I got my cute gown and ted hose on and all comfy in bed. My nurse tried to start an IV and couldn't get it in my left hand so she had someone else come and try my right hand. Bingo. (My left has had two IV's in the last month and didn't want anymore.) Then they let Greg come back by me and we were joking around and having a good time. When the surgeon came by to tell us we'd have about 30 more minutes I asked if he could take out a little fat while he was in there. He told me that was not original and he heard that at least four times a week. Oh well, thought I'd try!

The anethesiologist (I have no clue how to spell that) came by a little bit later and put something in my IV. We had a quick conversation about my bra...which I will not divulge on this here blog and then I remember saying, that medicine works quick. The next thing I remember is waking up with an enormous amount of pain in my abdomen and a mask blowing some substance up my made my face really itchy. Then some guy was like, she's awake. And I'm thinking, am I really? He came and took the mask off my face and I started shivering like it was December in Alaska and I forgot my coat. He came and put warm blankets around my face and upper torso...ah, that felt like Hawaii! It was incredible. I love the warm blankets at hospitals, I need to do that at home. Anyway, about 20 minutes later (at least it felt like 20 minutes to me, could have been an hour for all I know) they got Greg to come in by me and the nurse went over the discharge papers and then told Greg to help me get dressed. What? I'm going home? I'm not even with it enough to tell you my birthday and you're sending me home? Okay, so I get dressed and they get me a wheelchair and out I go. At least I could walk right?

When we got home I made it to the couch and sat there while Greg went to get my prescription filled...and he got me some soup. I gobbled down the soup like I'd never eaten before and headed for bed. The pharmacy called and told Greg that the dr. never wrote how many pills I should get, she she had to call the dr. before filling the prescription. So he waited and waited and finally was able to go get the drugs and the kids. Thank goodness for friends who are willing to watch our kids!...thank goodness they let us pay them in cookies!!! I slept the whole time this was all going on, coming conscious for brief moments when Greg wanted to ask me something. The kids came home and we had dinner that someone from church had made for us!!! Thanks! And we also had another meal brought over which we are about to enjoy for dinner tonight! Thanks!

I'm still in pain, or am I just sore. How does one distinguish between being in pain and just being sore? They kind of seem to be the same thing, but my pain meds don't seem to be helping a lot so that makes me think it's just sore. Anyway, I won't be doing sit ups to get my post baby belly in shape any time soon...which kinda stinks! I was looking forward to working out and getting my body back. Oh well, soon enough. I'm just resting at home and Greg is taking good care of all of us! Thanks for your prayers!
pldesigns said...

Oh i so know how you feel about being lost after surgery. I had thumb surgery years ago... and woke up to the nurses talking about me & how difficult i had been in surgery (even though i was knocked out). Apparently i had reached over during surgery (before they cut my right thumb open) & ripped the IV out of my left wrist... so they had to strap both my arms down & redo the IV, putting it in the top of my hand. It's so weird to hear people talking about you & not be able to say anything...also weird to realize the IV isn't where it originally was. The nurses were a bit freaked out whent hey realized i was "awake" while they had been talking about me.

Glad it all went well.

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