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strange sighting

Sunday, March 09, 2008
Anyone recognize these people?Meet Cody and Dawn Freis.
I was watching TV tonight and saw Dawn and was like, hey, I know her, I went to highschool with her. Turns out I was right. I mean, I'm pretty sure it's her. If anyone else out there that went to highschool with me wants to comment on the validity of that statement please do so. She was a year behind me in highschool. I even got out the year book to check...looks like her. I'll try and scan the picture so y'all can see. It's just weird to see people from highschool on my TV. First Carmen in the Walgreens commercial and now Dawn on Here Come the Newlyweds. Crazy!
Anonymous said...

Yep it is totally her. Dan and I were watching too, and our mouths both dropped when we saw her. We both thought that show is so funny. We had a good time and laughed a lot during the show! We were glad they didn't get voted off...we think they are a funny couple!


tiapugh said...

It is totally her. I just found this information out yesterday.


I won't be on tv anytime soon. :)

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