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phone photos

Thursday, August 15, 2013
So, my stupid smart phone has not been playing nice lately. I deleted facebook but kept Instagram (because I love sharing photos) and Pinterest (because I love pinning) but I cannot get instagram to work for me lately. I think I have too many photos on my phone
...big surprise. 
When I go to delete photos from my phone it doesn't let me! 
Thus I'm in the "not able to post on instagram" stage with my phone 
...firstworldproblems I know!

So I decided to share some here that would have made it to instagram if my phone wasn't staging a protest.

These are in order of latest to most recent...

We enjoyed lots of days this summer playing with our friends...

Micah took this photo of me and my girls! (minus Abi)

Naomi took this photo of the rest of us...gotta get in a photo once in a while you know!?

Just marveling at how similar yet different they are!!

It's time like this that I get the comment "you sure do have your hands full" A LOT!

Cute, silly Abi

Micah's first time at Afternoons...he had fun playing with lots of different toys and lots of different kids!

Yes, I get paid to play with Legos...and a bunch of other things!

Alison said...

Have you checked to see if there is an Instagram update?

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